I compose music and design artwork: quite the unusual combination!


Hi there! I am Eelco R. Claassen, Amsterdam based, award-winning Dutch composer and graphic designer. I have had a long career in both composing music and creating artwork for a vast array of national and international clients. Short version: I do a whole bunch of creative stuff! I have lived in the U.S.A. and Asia working for major theme parks and even Magicians. Among past and present clients are The Disney Channel, Universal, Walibi World and DarkPark.com.

I specialize in composing elaborate music scores and creating high end artwork and decorative design.


On an odd note, I have synesthesia (go ahead: look it up) which literally gives me a rather unique vision in my field of work.


Have an interesting project? I’d love to get in on it!



With everything I create, striving for the best possible result is number one! I put a lot of thought in every assignment I design for. My work has been featured in several Disney TV shows as well as national and international Theme Parks, Theatre, Artists, Magicians and Advertisements.


Nuff said, go look at pretty pictures!



Over the years I have composed a lot of music for a wide variety of clients including orchestral scores for entire Theme Parks, Theme Park rides and Sea-Life shows.


At the moment I’m one of the world’s leading composers of exclusive Escape Room music. When creating music for an Escape Room, my goal is to enhance the immersive experience by giving the players the feeling they are not just playing a game but are actually starring in their own Hollywood movie. After years of experience I can safely say that Escape Room music comes with a completely different set of requirements than a Movie soundtrack because, in fact: an Escape Room is not a movie. Every score I create for Escape Rooms is exclusive and will never be used for any other project.


Let's listen to some music, shall we?



Besides composing music and designing artwork I do sound and audio effects. This ranges from simple sounds that are required for, for instance an Escape Room to rather elaborate sounds that I tailor to specific needs because a lot of them simply do not exist. These sounds are often of high complexity. For these trailers, of critically acclaimed Escape Room company www.DarkPark.com, I provided both music and audio. Additionally I am the voice in the trailer of The Dentist.


Go ahead, Take a look (and a listen).